Making the leap

A company’s operating environment is interconnected and perpetually changing. This complexity creates opportunities to be taken. RIMAS’ experienced professionals can guide you through complexity reduction processes and have special expertise in:

Implementation | Performance improvement | Focus adjustment | Acquisitions | Mergers | Disinvestments | Succession planning 

Our specialists understand key drivers in complexity management and ensure changes are firmly rooted in your company’s culture. RIMAS has methods for motivating employees and has experience of communicating organisational adjustments in diverse contexts.

RIMAS will work with you before, during and after a major complexity reduction project to make sure it is implemented sustainably. Our consultants act as auditors, investigators, advisors, implementers and mediators worldwide and, in emergencies, can usually respond or be on the ground in a matter of hours.

RIMAS not only advises you on how to deal with immediate complexity reduction issues but also helps you plan for adjustments in the more distant future.

Our experience – preparedness and sound complexity management help navigate tough terrain and improve performance.