Scanning and going into action

Unforeseen events that threaten your property, assets and interests or disrupt your plans can come like a bolt from the blue - and they invariably result in financial loss. RIMAS' seasoned incident management specialists can help you spot the clouds gathering a long way off, map your vulnerabilities, implement a response plan or react quickly in the event of:

Business interruption | Standstill | Delay | Loss | 
Criminal act Natural disaster

We start by defining which property, assets or interests are exposed, then make sure precautionary measures for safety, security, logistics and communications are targeted and cost-effective. Our consultants act as auditors, investigators, advisors, implementers and mediators worldwide and, in emergencies, can usually respond or be on the ground in a matter of hours.

RIMAS not only advises you on how to tackle immediate incidents but also shows you how to plan for and respond to incidents that are simmering just below the surface or lie far beyond today's horizon. 

Our experience – preparedness and sound incident management help navigate tough terrain and improve performance