Bridging gaps 

Skills gaps are a perennial headache. All kinds of things can cause them to open up: staff may be unavailable. RIMAS can mobilise its outstanding executives, project managers and consultants to help you bridge capacity crunches in the following areas: 

Resource management | Brainpower enhancement | Additional resources deployment | Rapid-response capabilities

Failure to have the right people in the right place at the right time can have serious consequences for an organisation. Our consultants’ experience in a variety of business sectors allows them to acclimatise rapidly to your situation. 

Adaptable and pragmatic, we work with strong communicators who keep their heads in high-stress settings. Our consultants act as an integral part of your organisation and, in emergencies, can usually respond or be on the ground in a matter of hours.

RIMAS not only provides interim capabilities and advises you on how to tackle knowledge and human-resource shortages, but also shows you how to plan for and respond to future challenges as well as recruit and retain the staff on which your long-term future depends.

Our experience – preparedness and sound interim management help navigate tough terrain and improve performance.