Expecting the unexpected

Loss events have a habit of erupting when you least expect them. Not being prepared can devastate your balance sheet and impair your brand. Our risk management experts can help you anticipate and mitigate risks in the following areas:

Corporate governance | Strategy | Operations | Finance | ICT | Human resources | Innovation

RIMAS analyses all the risks and opportunities. We then evaluate their potential impact and recommend how to manage them efficiently. We conduct most of our work on-site in order to gain hands-on insight and maintain relationships with key staff.

We execute our projects to the highest standards and in accordance with governance regulations. Our specialists achieve “quick-wins”, however your long-term goals always remain our focus. Our consultants act as auditors, investigators, advisors, implementers and mediators worldwide and, in emergencies, can usually respond or be on the ground in a matter of hours.

RIMAS not only advises you on how to tackle immediate risks but also shows you how to respond to potential threats that are simmering just below the surface or lie far beyond today’s horizon.

Our experience – preparedness and sound risk management help navigate tough terrain and improve performance.