Thrashing out the issues 

Clients also hire our consultants to guide their managers through a tough situation or steer them out of a quagmire; to give a second opinion. RIMAS’ consultants are regularly asked to act as sounding boards and have considerable experience in the following areas:

One-to-one coaching | Expert panels | Advisory boards

Like good personal trainers, our consultants know that you have to prod, provoke and persevere to get real results. Whether you are looking for specialist advice or feel you need a fresh perspective from an “outsider”, we have what it takes to support you.

We also check back once our mission is over to make sure our input has become firmly embedded in your organisation. Our consultants serve clients worldwide and, in emergencies, can usually respond or be on the ground in a matter of hours.

RIMAS not only offers immediate support but also equips your management and staff with the tools to deal with critical and sensitive situations in the future.

Our experience – preparedness and professional sparring support help navigate tough terrain and improve performance.