Fit for mission

In collaboration with STRAGART the specialist for Strategic Games as well as Management and Staff Education we have a simple value proposition: Educating managers and staff, as individuals or in teams as key factor for success. Sustainable education, however, requires clear guidance, strong focus on practical experience and training in small teams. Established techniques for planing and leadership must be geared to the needs of clients and produce measureable results. Training conveyed in a playful manner is proven to result in a unique and powerful mixture for the trainee: Educational content is playfully acquired, translated into practice and sustainably consolidated in professional routine.

Initiation | Education | Knowledge transfer | Business management | Structured command | Stabilising environment

STRAGART provides precisely this combination and offers:

Strategic Games: Development and realization of tailor made strategic and tactical games organized as role playing combined with relevant management skills.

Management and Staff Education: Leadership practice training geared to the demands of managers and based upon tried and trusted command practices of armed forces available to be realized in a destabilizing environment.

Combinations: Mutually agreed educational aims are achieved with either a
– Leadership training including a tailor made strategic or tactical game or a
– Strategic and tactical game aligned with corresponding leadership training.

Our experience – preparedness and steadily education help navigate tough terrain and improve performance.